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Re: Open Source's effects on programmer jobs

dsavage@peaknet.net wrote:
> The realities you and Mike are pointing out are each intellectually
> corrupt, but they're sidelines to the original discussion. We're free to
> use Newton's and Planck's discoveries, along with those of others to
> create more complex works, whether derivative or wholly original.

Jonathan's point is that we're _not_ free to use them if the copyright 
holder chooses _NOT_ to publish them. And unfortunately, that is the 
_default_ behavior of our current "IP" legal frameworks. And yes, it is 
a sideline, but no less an important one.

As for the original topic, I think Open Source can only _encourage_ more 
programmers, as new programmers form a "genetic" influence upon code in 
general -- good code survives and bad code dies, and this cannot be 
overridden by artificial influences such as copyright "protections", 
software patents, proprietary, closed-source code, or monopoly abuse 
and/or massive infusions of money to buy it's way to continued survival.

In addition, far, far more programmers can see by example Open Source 
code versus Closed Source code, and thus have unfettered access to 
practice without financial burdens the notion of "Discimus Agere 
Agendo". Just to make you remember that long-forgotten Latin class. :=)


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