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Re: QOTD (question of the day)

On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 03:58:48PM -0500, dsavage@peaknet.net wrote:
> One thing I'm breaking new ground|wind with is something called a
> Configuration Customization Kit for Mozilla. The CCK appears to be the Son

See, I can't seem to find the listing for that on mozilla.org.

> hundreds of files with line number prefixes. I'm looking for a grinder
> script that will remove the first four (or five) characters of every line
> in these files:
> NNN sourcecodetextsourcecodetextsourcecodetext
> NNN sourcecodetextsourcecodetextsourcecodetext
> ^^^^
> ||||
> I want to strip away these line numbers. Depending on the number of lines
> in a file, there are either three digits or four followed by a space.
> Can anyone suggest a sed/awk/perl/whatever quickie to do the job? Nothing

In vi, you can do %s/...\ //g to do what you want.

Nathaniel Reindl

"Du weisst doch, dass du es lesen willst, und mach was du musst, weil
es das einzige Ding wird, das du machen wirst."

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