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Linux Lunch and Learns...

	Somehow or another my non-stop hatred of all things computing 
boiled over into me telling people that linux would be a better fit for 
some of the things that people are working on.  As such, I have been asked 
to give a lunch and learn on linux.  I informed them that this would be 
akin to giving a lunch and learn on medicine as there is way too much to 
talk to.  So, where would be a good starting point?  Hell, it could be a 
many stop thing like:

week 1: installation/configuration/security
week 2: editors/administration/beatings/holy wars
week 3: scripting/programming tools
week 4: other things...

	Now, as for materials and whatnot.  Steve, Kara, or anyone else 
with a connection, would it be possible to get some linux OS cd's in?  Or 
would you know who I would have to bug to get things like this?


Tighe Schlottog         workape         fiaid
"Nothing is too cruel if it is funny enough."

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