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Re: License problems with Pine MUA?

Hi Sean:

 You make some very good points about the paranoia concerning non GPL apps.
I think it is unwarranted too. The main reasons I want Pine are:
1) It consumes less resources than say Evolution.
2) If I want to SSH to my home computer, then I can easily check mail with
3) Pine is easy to set up. It's also easy to use.

 As for Mutt, I was trying to get that to work but Mutt has to use Sendmail
or Postfix for outbound mail. The problem is that my ISP (AT&T) appears to
make it difficult to use an external MTA. That is they want you to use their
SMTP and not your own computer based MTA. At least that is what I have
gathered from reading the sendmail FAQ here:

The introduction has this to say:
"Unfortunately, the default configuration usually isn't appropriate 
for a home user with a dial-up connection."

I presume (perhaps wrongly so) that the same modifications are needed for
Postfix. Given the fact that I don't need to setup an MTA if I use Pine is a
very big benefit. Plus installing a MTA just to send a few e-mails a day is
kinda overkill. I also have the suspicion that I will have to tinker with my
firewall rules after I install Postfix too.

 I have no problems with Pico either. Annelise Anderson advocates using Pico
in her very excellent FreeBSD book: http://www.bsdmall.com/freebosforyo.html

 Sean, I am really glad you wrote and said that you have used this for some
9 years. The fact that a sys admin endorses it tells me that it is a good
program to use. So I will use it and fetchmail and Pine in all subsequent
installs (I will be installing FreeBSD 5.2.1 later this month).

					Kind regards

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