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Re: Resizing images (Gimp???)

On Thursday 27 June 2002 11:16 pm, you wrote:
> Quoting Steven Pritchard <steve@silug.org>:
> > Kara's thing may be your best bet.
> As far as I can tell, Kara has no thing.  Seriously.  Look at the
> attachment and see if you can find any Perl code in there because honestly,
> I sure as hell can't.  It only has the mailing list's signature in it.

She meant to attach the URL, but that's just her style, lately.

I think she was pointing you to one of the MANY "thumbnail" scripts that 
Randal Schwartz has popularized through his columns in 
the-magazine-formerly-known-as-WebTechniques (.New Architect or some 
marketroid-crap now). Google is your friend.

Now, why would you have loads of highly detailed large-format images that you 
need a program to automatically generate web pages with thumbnail indexes of 
them? :=)

Seriously, check out Randal's stuff. It's easy, quick to slap on, and it 
probably does exactly what you want - generate an online index page for your 
webcam/digicam images when all you want to do is just slap them up into a 
directory. Set a magic config option in httpd.conf to fire off Randal's 
script as needed for an index document and have the webserver just generate 
it on the fly.

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