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OT: liquor was Re: New install of rh 7.3

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Stephen D Reindl wrote:

> Believe it or not the liquor store here in O'Fallon stocks all 3. They are 
> $40, $45, and $50 respectively. Don't tell anybody though!

Randall's Wine & Spirits probably carries all the nice stuff you're 
looking for. They moved from by Schnuck's in Fairview to by Denny's. THey 
have $450 bottles of Scotch and stuff too :-) 

It was funny, as they have an on-line shop. On IRC one day a friend of 
ours from Norway posted a URL for above mentioned scotch, stating he 
wished he could have it shipped. Turns out, the place was just up the 

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