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Re: Father's Day Session?

Kara Pritchard wrote:
>On Thu, 13 Jun 2002, D.K. wrote:
>> Has a date been nailed down yet?  If not, my preference is for Monday
>> evening, June 17th, if that's a workable option for most everyone else.
>> Thanks.  - Doug
>No, I asked Steve R when he was available but have had no response.
Monday works well for me, also.  My son has a baseball game on Tuesday 
evening, for which I get to wear a cup.  In a petulant 8 year old voice: "I 
hate that cup!  If I have to wear a cup, why don't you?  I'm not going!!!"  
So, now I get to start wearing a cup to my sons baseball games, which, 
actually, isn't that bad of an idea.  Last week, the biggest kid on the 
team was NOT warming up with the biggest bat the team has, and when I 
decided to walk up next to him to remind him of why he was in the on-deck 
circle, he decided -all on his own- to let fly with a nice, strong swing, 
with good proper follow-through, catching me right where a coach should be 
wearing a cup...  Whoooo! That smarts!  Anyone have a bag of ice?

So... Monday works for me.  Anyone else have an opinion?


William Underwood

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