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Re: RSVP for this Sunday's Session

George, you're being silly.

The other "requests" for people to come are not people who've EVER been to 
any SILUG event. Therefore, even if your "right to active members" was 
valid, you get seniority.

If you're too exhausted to come today, by all means, rest. But, if you're 
just trying to be the sweet guy you are, get over it and I'll see you at 


On Sun, 9 Jun 2002, George Williams wrote:

> I just sent you an e-mail relinquishing my spot for an active member.  I 
> left the decision up to you.  After further consideration, I've decided to 
> drop out.  I worked today, Saturday, backing up a production server.  I work 
> (volunteer) at the Fox Theatre tomorrow, Sunday.  I need to study for my 
> CCNA in July.  I have enough on my plate and the other potential students 
> will let me bow out gracefully.  I will continue to monitor the discussion 
> board.  As you said, this first class is a trial session.  I fully expect 
> you and Steven will have them again.  I'll keep checking.
> Speaking of checking, I'll put one in the mail for you for the first class.
> Thanks for everything and this is NOT the last you'll see of me.
> George
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