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Dial in solution need advice


I have been asked by my boss to come up with a solution for dialing into
our corporate network.  Being that we only need 2 - 4 lines I figured it
could be done pretty inexpensively and easily with Linux.  Now I've
looked at the PPP-HOWTO and he has a section on how to set up a dial in
to a local network.  If done simply like he lays out it looks fairly
painless.  What I'm thinking about doing is just have a small box load
it with Linux and have a multi-port modem card and a few POTS lines.  

I'm just wondering if I've left anything out, which I probably have and
if anyone had recommendations about what kind of modem card to use and
which software packages would work best and any other advice you might
Thank you,
Jason Smith 
jvsmith at midamer dot net

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