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Re: new forsale list

I probably should have mentioned a few more things...

    * "Wanted to buy" posts are appropriate.

    * The archives are public for now, but we might take some steps to
      restrict the archives to keep them from being indexed by search
      engines.  We don't really want morons^H^H^H^H^H^Hpeople emailing
      anyone with "Did you sell that laptop" or "Is that car still for
      sale" three years after it was posted.  (Both of these have
      happened recently.  Really.)

    * On the same note, we might start deleting old archives after a
      couple of months or so.

Maybe I'm just overly sensitive since the (ahem) people in question
seem to think that emailing the list owner is a good idea.  :-)

If anyone has questions, comments, suggestions, whatever, please let
me know...

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