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Re: Linux & Wireless networking

On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Flood Randy Capt AFCA/TCAA wrote:

> How compatible are typical wireless network cards with Linux.
> Specifically, do you know if the Linksys WP-11 card is supported in
> Linux yet?

Yes.  It was one of the early ones supported.  IIRC, it's a prism2
chipset.  Thus, the WP-11 and the DLink card are both supported.  That
said, the primary difference between the WP-11 and Dlink is that the WP-11
is the 16 bit PCMCIA (old type, like on a 486 laptop) and the Dlink
supports Cardbus only.  Make sure you know what your laptop
support.  Otherwise, both work fine under linux.  

>  I picked one up on sale, but I've since heard it is not a
> very great card.

If you've got cardbus then no, the WP-11 will not be as good of a
card.  Keep in mind that your bandwidth tops out at 11 mbit, and that's if
every condition is right. 

>  I may end up taking it back.  I am also tenatively
> planning on using the Linksys WAP-11 Wireless Network Acess Point.

I'm running the WAP-11 despite the lack of a Linux based
configurator.  That said, they have the nice benefit of having removeable
antenna's.  You'll probably not use that feature, but the minute you want
to hang a yagi for directional 802.11 (read, greater distance) then you've
just saved yourself some money.  Likewise, it uses standard connectors.  

Make sure whatever wap you buy has removeable antenna's.  They don't cost
that much more and you leave an expansion route.  

Mike was touting the Lucent gear.  As I understand it, it's good
stuff.  I've not seen it that low in price.  Not a bad deal.  

I've got both D-Link cards (long story) a linksys card, and an airport
card in my Ibook, and the Linksys wap.  Overall I'm quite happy with


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