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Re: More AOL thoughts

> On Sun, Jan 20, 2002 at 04:51:13PM -0600, Gary wrote:
> > Linux not being adopted because of the "technical" expertise to
> > install it...
> That's the M$ line...  I always find it hilarious when I see somebody
> who honestly knows what they are doing try to set up any version of
> Windows on even slightly odd hardware.  (Installing W2K on a Tyan
> Thunder dual Athlon box was a *nightmare*.  Red Hat 7.2 worked fine
> right out of the box.)

i have a tyan tiger mp, same mobo without onboard scsi and video.  2k, xp,
and redhat 7.2 (without xfree) all took to it just fine with not a single

however i ran into a nightmare trying to get my video card and xfree working
together.  the radeon is RMS's recommended video card due to the
availibility of gpl drivers, however the amd762's agp gart, the radeon, the
precompiled redhat 7.2 linux kernel, and xfree4.1.0 didnt play nice out of
the box.

had to kill acceleration on x just to be able to use x at all (and had an
ordeal trying to get the cvs version of xfree to even run at all, although
it always appeared to compile just fine, so i didnt bother trying a kernel

installation of either 2k, xp, or redhat 7.2 wasnt hard, actually it was
quite easy and painless (although with rh it would have been nice for there
to have been an option to install xfree in a framebuffer mode rather than
use the regular drivers)


gonna try out xfree4.2, a much newer kernel, and sorcerer linux :)

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