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Hello, all.  This is my first go at the discuss area, so here goes...

After installing RH 7.2 on my old Packard Bell (200), I'm amazed at how easy 
and smooth it went.  I'm also very impressed with the Conquerer browser, one 
of the best I've ever seen.  Here's my question:

I'm trying to print to my HP Laserjet 970CXI which is now running as a local 
to a Windows ME HP box.  From what I've read and understand, I'd first need 
a linux driver (which I've yet to find) for the RH box, but how do I point 
to the printer?  I believe Samba is only for Windows stuff being able to 
reach Linux printers and files--or can it go both ways?  LPD is only used 
for printing locally as well, so I wouldn't use it..right?

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