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up2date versus apt-get

Imagine you've got a large network with a bunch of Linux machines all
running say Red Hat Linux.  Now, imagine that you want to build one
server and have each of your linux machines pull all their patches from
that server similar to the way up2date works.  I want to be able to
define my own set of RPMs and not necessarily include everything that
Red Hat does.  Hence, I want to have my own server set up for this.  

I know that Red Hat does not sell an up2date server (nor do they give
one away).  But, apparently, some people have been reverse engineering
the up2date server and making their own version of an up2date server(
http://openup.mullicrusher.org/ (which seems to be down at the moment)
and http://www.biology.duke.edu/computer/unix/current/ ).

I also know that this can probably be done with apt.  What would need to
be setup in this scenario? Just an  ftp server?

I suppose that there are probably some other ways to do this too.  What
would those be?  Rsync over secure shell?

What do you all think?


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