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Re: February Metro East meeting


Doc (HI, Doc!) is checking to see if he can provide an alternate location for
February.  If not, a social gathering to discuss Linux, beer, pizza, the
weather, etc. has been proposed.

If we *do* have a place for a formal meeting, the following topics have been
-- Recompiling the Kernel -- Tighe
-- VM-Ware -- Steve and/or Doc
-- How to run an X app on one machine and have it display on another.  I'll
bring my trusty 4-port hub along.
-- If there's time, I'll have another SHORT (5-10 min.) demo of Kylix
illustrating all of the "GUI Widgets" that can be put in a program.

I don't remember any other topics.  If anyone has some, post to the list and we
can queue them up for future meetings.

Also, I'll be posting the list of "one liners" that we did last night.  (Left it
on my other laptop).

Thanks for all who came and for your support during my first stint as
facilitator.  I'll do it next month, unless someone else wants to volunteer.  I
think we'll get a solid agenda down pretty quickly.

In case anyone's counting, we had 16 people last night.


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So where are we going to have the February meeting (since the library
isn't available), and what, if anything, are we going to talk about?

We need to figure out something fairly quickly so I can update the web

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