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Re: looking for a solution...

Do you care about all traffic going to/from the router?  Or do you only
care about the traffic that is crossing to and from a specic link from
the router (such as out towards the Internet?)  

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> On Mon, 24 Dec 2001, David A. Glass wrote:
> > you could run an SMNP daemon on the server and use MRTG to grab the
> > the ethernet card. you could also run MRTG on a switch off of the
> > on the router itself.
> Yeah, but that doesn't get him the specific traffic info he needs,
> that just gets him the total traffic.
> The only way to do this not on the router that I'm aware of is to
> have your switch do port mirroring (of just the router or the entire
> network) so that all traffic is mirrored on one port (typically a GigE
> port is needed to handle it all), and have the machine on that port do
> the monitoring.  Look at www.inmon.com or www.q1labs.com for some
> commercial vendors.
> One other potential way to do this would be some VLAN trick that
> would redirect all traffic, but I don't know enough about VLANs to say
> sure.  Or maybe that's what port mirroring is, some VLAN function.
> Regarding the throttling, that would have to be supported by the
> router.  One kludge would be to setup TCP congestion notifications
> are tied to a particular service, but that would cause the client
> to throttle everything, not just the service that you were concerned

thanx for the info and links guys

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