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Re: Changing the Lilo Boot message

Flood Randy Capt AFCA/GCF said:
> Under Red Hat 7.0, there is a picture on the left half of the screen when
> you use LILO.  Does anyone know how to change the picture?  It appears that
> there is a LILO option that sets the file containing this, but I do not know
> what format the picture is in, or what tool I can use to create my own
> picture.

I've been wondering about this myself, so I thought I'd try file

    osiris:~$ file /boot/message 
    /boot/message: data

That doesn't help any...

So I thought I'd try loading it in xv.  It loads it, and says

    320x200 PCX.  8-bit mode.  Got all 252 colors.  (220 unique)

in the status bar.  Just for fun, I saved it as a PPM file, then ran
ppmtopcx on the result.  Apparently file doesn't know about PCX files.

    osiris:~$ file message.pcx 
    message.pcx: data

So I whipped up a 320x200 image in gimp, saved it as a PPM, then ran
it through "ppmquant 256 | ppmtopcx".  I pointed lilo to the new PCX
file, and it displayed on boot.  :-)  (Having VMware images handy to
test stuff like that is Nice.)

I looked at the lilo patches in the source rpm, and it looks like the
text location is hard-coded, so put the white box in the same location
and you should be fine.

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