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Linux Routing Problem

I was just curious if anyone has ever run across this probelm.  I use a
Linux box to do some routing in my office.  It has two ethernet cards in
it, and routes between the two.  For the past few days, it has been doing
what appears to be losing ipv4 forwarding.  I will be able to ping both
ethernet cards themselves, but none of the machines on the far end
(network routed to eth1), even though eth1 is reachable and pingable.  I
checked /proc/sys/net/ipv4_fowarding, and it was set to 1, which I believe
is correct.  So, anyone ever seen this?  If so, anyone have an idea of
what could be happening?



Koree A. Smith  | Ameth Technologies
koree@koree.net | koree@ameth.org

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