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UDMA 66 , partitioning

I have a PIII 667, VIA Apollo Pro MB and necessary cables and I 
want to take advantage of UDMA/66 if possible.  Here's my 

I have 3 IDE HD's. One(WD Caviar)  is UDMA 66 capable. The 
other two(Seagate) are UDMA 33.  I also have one IDE CD-ROM, 
which the manual states supports UDMA 33.  I have heard that IDE 
devices operate at the speed of the slowest device on the controller, 

Would I have to install the WD by itself on one IDE controller in 
order to achieve UDMA 66 performance or will it operate 
independently of other IDE devices on the same controller?  What 
would be the best drive configuration to maximize performance for 
my machine?


What would be a good partitioning strategy to maximize 
performance?  I have 128m of core, so: How much swap; where to 
put it; one big partition; small ones spread across the drives, etc.?
Where to put /usr; separate partitions for /usr, /usr/bin; etc.?
Where exactly can / reside now; can LILO/GRUB boot from any 
partition and any hd; One big / and swap? I think you see where I'm 
going with this. I have read a couple of partitioning how-to's/faqs 
and they sound interesting, which prompted this question, but is the 
hassle worth it? I don't mind getting my hands a little dirty here. I 
also will keep a small partition(s) devoted to DOS 6.2/Windows 98.

I am getting ready to install Mandrake 7.2 and Red Hat 7.0 but I am 
holding off until I figure out whether or not I need to rearrange my 

Thanks all
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