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RE: Tutorial Day? Fairview Heights and Carbondale

Yup, maybe a quickie on LDAP (better than NIS ;)

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Brune, Charlie wrote:

> I sure would like to know about NIS servers.  I'm getting tired of typing in
> usernames, etc. when I add a server.  It sure would be nice just to point to my
> "master" server that has everyone's id already set up.  It's a pain because I
> have to make all the userid numbers the same because I use NFS.
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> Subject: Tutorial Day? Fairview Heights and Carbondale
> Hey everyone,
> I was thinking that with the stagnant suggestions for meeting topics, as a
> lot of topics don't seem worthy for an entire meeting, how about a
> tutorial day? We can have 6-8 15 minute tutorials.
> Here's the catch. Let's make it fun and more interesting by having
> different people present each little tutorial. So, let's chat about some
> topics... They don't all have to be major Linux topics, so anything of
> interest to you, post it!
> Here's some random ideas off the top of my head, we can vote the silly
> ones off the island :) Please add yours!
> Writing with DocBook
> Working with USB
> Chat clients on Linux
> Multimedia hardware on Linux (cd burners, cameras, etc)
> Uhm, I'll add more as I think of them :-) What various things would be
> interesting to you, for an upcoming meeting?

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