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Re: SuSE

Chester said:
> I am interested in
> the cluster/Beowulf features of SuSE.  I think that mainly
> means that SuSE includes mpi, but I'm not sure.

Red Hat has been including MPI, PVM, and various other Beowulf bits
since 6.1 or 6.2.

> We're going to do some number crunching and 2.4 should be 
> excellent for that.  :-)

In all honesty, 2.2 might be better on single-processor boxes right
now, at least for most things.  2.4 starts to really win on SMP boxes
pretty quickly.

BTW, if any of you are running 2.4.0, upgrade to 2.4.2.  Disk
performance on 2.4.0 *sucks*.  I haven't re-run the benchmarks on
2.4.2 yet, but it certainly seems faster.

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