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Re: SuSE

On Sat, 3 Mar 2001, Kara Pritchard wrote:

> You know, you'd think that ;-)
> I had the opportunity, after hearing the booth people from SuSE correcting
> people, to ask some of the original German SuSE people just how you were
> supposed to pronounce it. I was very suprised, despite the z v/s s issue
> between US and Germany, that they responded it is supposed to be "sooh'
> sah" (rhyming syllables, "you" and "the") with the emphasis placed on the
> sooh.
> -Kara

I stand corrected :)

I have heard SuSE pronounced that way, but always thought that in
Deutschland it would be pronounced with a Z sound.

BTW, anybody making the trip up to Comdex Chicago in April?



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