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Re: Another upgrade

Mark said:
> I'm looking for a decent dual board - do they have UDMA on them now?

They have for a long time.  They just all had ATA/33.  I have no idea
if that has changed yet.

> what is the difference between the PIII600, the 600E, the 600B, and the
> 600EB?

$20, give or take. Oh, and FSB speed, L2 cache side, and L2 cache
speed.  (You want the EB.)

> Or should I skp the dual and go to a 1Ghz?

Go dual 1GHz.

Actually, wait a little while.  Intel is dropping the prices on P4s,
which should push down the prices on PIIIs quite nicely.  You should
probably try to at least get 800s or so...

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