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Re: Re: Carbondale Meeting

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Chester wrote:

> Thanks.  For a topic, how about this?  I have a 486 that
> I'm interested in turning into a firewall for my ADSL
> at home.  It has Windoze on it now.  I could bring it to
> the meeting if you would be interested in demonstrating
> how to set up a Linux firewall on it.  I have two 
> NIC's a friend gave me, but I have no idea if they work.
> It does _not_ have a CD-ROM.  The NIC's have Allied Telesis
> AT-1500T on them.

AT-1500's should work good.  

It might be good to do a demo on LRP or Freesco.  Both seem to be pretty

> The cluster project is still in the development stages.


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