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Re: Did you know ...

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Steven Pritchard wrote:

> James L. Burke said:
> > Is there a way to add devices to the Red Hat desktop?  The default
> > device icons include floppy(/dev/fd0) and cdrom(/dev/cdrom).
> There is, but the instructions depend on whether you are running KDE
> or GNOME...

Or, you can use the software my boss wrote:


I need to double check though... I think 0.32 is an older version.  He's
released a newer version to fix a root exploit in Xforms (he knows it
sucks, but JaZip is fairly cross platform as a result).  

He's off today, let me see what I can find out.

PS, Anything going on in Fairview / Belleville / STL this weekend?  I've
got an afternoon b-day party to go to... not sure what the evening plans
are at this time.


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